Mr. Yusuf Hussain Ansari, influenced by the life of Sir Syyed Ahmed Khan, became a founder member of the Aashiq Public Library at Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh in 1970 and has been working as a lifetime member of Mahatma Gandhi Post Graduation College. In 1998 Mr. Yusuf Hussain founded Sir Syyed Education & Social Welfare Society in Delhi. Mr. Yusuf Hussain Ansari believes that if we want to create a progressive society we should work for the mental development of the society like Mr. Sir Syyed Ahmed, the society in which actual constitutional rights of women are enforced and every section of society has advanced education to enable India to succeed in making its place in the world as a powerful nation. Sir Syyed Ahmed continuously tried to improve society throughout his life. He had understood the importance of English education, so he started an educational campaign to reach English education to the common Indian, but for this, he had to face the opposition of his own community, but he did not get frustrated and tried continuously due to this He succeeded in creating a world famous Aligarh Muslim University in Aligarh.
In the 1998 For the purpose of educating the society, a primary school was established in the name of Sir Syyed Memorial School in Welcome Colony Delhi and In March 2011, the institute started a computer training center, Welcome Colony Delhi, in which providing basic computer education to the children, besides providing computer education to youth and women, work is being done to connect them with employment and self employment. In 2014 Organization started career counseling programme, in which Expert Career Counselor of different subjects gives information about career options for students and career options available in various subjects through workshops in educational institutions. In 2016, the institution started the programme to provide basic education to the children studying in madarsa’s in which the teachers of the organization are going to provide basic education to the children in Madarsa. In 2016, the organization has also started Scholarship Information Center where scholarships are given,  information and online forms of scholarships are provided with important information on the organization’s website. In 2017, the organization has launched a programme against dowry system.
The organization has plans to make the primary school run by organisation at present to the senior secondary school, and is also planning to open new branches of school to educate needy children of society.

“Organization believe in the saying that a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”.